With a diverse product offering, the Blenheim Specialty Reinsurance team provides reinsurance solutions, predominantly on an Excess of Loss basis across a wide range of specialty lines of business. The team can offer specific, single class products and also has the underwriting expertise and capability to blend coverages to provide bespoke, composite reinsurance coverages which address their clients’ specific needs by providing appropriately balanced and structured reinsurance protections across multiple lines. The team can also offer a limited amount of retro capacity.

The Specialty team aims to build long term relationships with key partners across multiple product lines with a view to adding maximum value to their clients’ businesses. Consistency, speed of service and a holistic approach to portfolio management are key tools underpinning the quality of relationship they aim to achieve with both their brokers and their clients.

For 2020, the planned split of the Specialty account by premium income is as follows:

The maximum programme lines per class of business are as follows:
  • Aviation $20m
  • Marine & Energy $15m
  • Composite $15m
  • Satellite $5m
  • Cyber $5m
  • Political Violence $7.5m
  • Personal Accident $5m

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Peter Scales - Blenheim

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Peter Scales - Blenheim

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Peter Scales - Blenheim

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Underwriting Assistant

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