Blenheim Underwriting Limited is a Lloyd’s managing agent that is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Blenheim is responsible for the management of Syndicate 5886 at Lloyd’s.


2016: Blenheim Underwriting Ltd (Blenheim) is formed under the holding company White Bear Capital Ltd (WBC). Syndicate 5886 receives Lloyd’s approval to commence underwriting for the 2017 year of account.

2017: Syndicate 5886 begins trading for the 2017 year of account, writing across three lines of business; Property Treaty, Direct and Facultative Property, and Contingency.

2018: Two new lines of business are introduced; Specialty Reinsurance and Accident and Health.

2019: Syndicate 5886 exceeds £200m underwriting capacity.

2020: The Lloyd’s Board grants approval-in-principle to Blenheim to form its own Managing Agency and the application process to the PRA and the FCA commenced.

2021: Blenheim receives approval from the FCA, PRA and Lloyd’s to become a Managing Agent, and assumes management of Syndicate 5886. In addition, the Political Risk line of business is introduced.

2022: Underwriting capacity for Syndicate 5886 increases to £360m.