Political Risks

The Blenheim Political Risks team has extensive experience underwriting a range of political-event perils focused on emerging markets. We strive to create a partnership with our Insureds and their brokers by providing market-leading levels of service across our suite of products. We aim to provide a consistent and long-term approach to our view on risk.

We provide insurance for our client’s financial and physical assets against a range of political events. Our policies cover non-payment or non-performance by government and private entities. We have extensive experience with investment insurance, crafting policies for fixed and mobile assets covering a range of perils, from expropriation to terrorism and war. Our clients include commodity traders, banks and financial institutions, exporters, and overseas investors. We focus upon short-term trade and commodity business within the emerging markets. We deploy a range of innovative financial and security analytics to support clients in challenging markets across the world.

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